Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This girl (Promo pack)

01 - This Girl (Radio Edit)
02- This Girl (Dirty)
03- This Girl (Instrumental)
04 - This Girl (Acapella)

Lil' Wayne Ft. Nutt Da Kidd - Tonight

Sunday, September 28, 2008

T.i. Discography

Download Links [Zshare]
01. Act 1: T.I.P.
02. Big Shit Poppin' (Do It)
03. Raw
04. You Know What It Is
05. Da Dopeman
06. Watch What You Say To Me (Feat. Jay-Z)
07. Hurt (Feat. Alfamega & Busta Rhymes)
08. Act II: T.I.
09. Help Is Coming
10. My Swag (Feat. Wyclef Jean)
11. We Do This
12. Show It To Me (Feat. Nelly)
13. Don't You Wanna Be High
14. Touchdown (Feat. Eminem)
15. Act III: T.I. vs. T.I.P. The Confrontation
16. Tell 'Em I Said That
17. Respect This Hustle
18. My Type
King (2006)
01. King Back
02. Front Back (Feat. UGK)
03. What You Know
04. I'm Talkin' To You
05. Live In The Sky (Feat. Jamie Foxx)
06. Ride Wit Me
07. The Breakup
08. Why You Wanna
09. Get It
10. Top Back
11. I'm Straight (Feat. B.G. & Young Jeezy)
12. Undertaker (Feat. Young Buck & Young Dro)
13. Stand Up Guy
14. You Know Who
15. Goodlife (Feat. Pharrell & Common)
16. Hello (Feat. Governor)
17. Told You So
18. Bankhead (Feat. P$C & Young Dro
Urban Legend (2004)
01. Tha King
02. Motivation
03. U Don't Know Me
04. ASAP
05. Prayin' For Help
06. Why U Mad At Me
07. Get Loose (Feat. Nelly)
08. What They Do (Feat. B.G.)
09. The Greatest (Feat. Mannie Fresh)
10. Get Ya Shit Together (Feat. Lil' Kim)
11. Freak Through (Feat. Pharrell)
12. Countdown
13. Bring 'Em Out
14. Limelight (Feat. P$C & Big Kuntry)
15. Chillin' With My Bitch (Feat. Jazze Pha)
16. Stand Up (Feat. Trick Daddy, L
Trap Muzik (2003)
01. Trap Muzik (Feat. Mac Boney)
02. I Can't Quit
03. Be Easy
04. No More Talk
05. Doin' My Job
06. Let's Get Away
07. 24's
08. Rubber Band Man
09. Look What I Got
10. I Still Luv You
11. Let Me Tell You Something
12. T.I. vs. T.I.P.
13. Bezzle (Feat. Bun B, Eightball & MJG)
14. Kingofdasouth
15. Be Better Than Me
16. Long Live Da Game
I'm Serious (2001)
01. Intro
02. Still Ain't Forgave Myself
03. Dope Boyz
04. What Happened
05. You Ain't Hard
06. Why I'm Serious Interlude
07. I'm Serious (Feat. Beenie Man)
08. Do It
09. What's Yo' Name (Feat. Pharrell Williams)
10. Hands Up
11. Chooz U (Feat. Jazze Pha)
12. I Can't Be Your Man
13. Hotel (Feat. Too Short)
14. At The Bar15. Heavy Chevys
16. Grand Royal17. Outro
18. I'm Serious (Remix) (Feat. Pastor Troy & The Youngbloodz)
Hit Me back with Feedback on this one !!

Friday, September 26, 2008

M.H Tha great-Lyrical aggression

M.H tha great-Lyrical aggression
BeatBanga is bangin out some heavy hitters..M.H is spittin fire its lookin good for both of them right now..

stems for love lockdown

if someone can please sharebee these files and send them to my email! THE ACAPELLA THE DISTORTED VOCALS THE 808 STEM

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lil wayne - problems

Juelz & Wayne
There back again with somemore heat.
Remember u number one source for lil wayne Hits.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New M.H tha great

Yo in the past week M.H's career has skyrocketed... hes been contacted by several Dj's and producers...to all of his supporters M.H said "Its very appreciated." .Keep on postin his material....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drake - Young Money

Love Lockdown (Re-Recorded)

Check it out.Leave some comments on what you think.

some more new M.H.

I cant help but post Fire!!
M.H tha great Bangin 808s (single) http://sharebee.com/09ca1eef Paper planes remix http://sharebee.com/f259f2b1

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paper Trail leak *official*

1. (00:03:04) T.I. - 56 Barz (Intro)
2. (00:05:00) T.I. - Im Illy
3. (00:04:50) T.I. - Ready For Whatever
4. (00:04:07) T.I. - On Top Of The World (Ft. Ludacris & B.O.B.)
5. (00:05:39) T.I. - Live Your Life (Ft. Rihanna)
6. (00:05:06) T.I. - Whatever You Like
7. (00:04:42) T.I. - No Matter What
8. (00:05:00) T.I. - My Life, Your Entertainment (Ft. Usher)
9. (00:03:32) T.I. - Porn Star
10. (00:05:13) T.I. - Sying Ya Rag (Ft. Swizz Beatz)
11. (00:03:43) T.I. - What Up, Whats Haapnin
12. (00:05:28) T.I. - Every Chance I Get
13. (00:03:20) T.I. - Swagga Like Us (Ft. Kanye West, Jay Z & Lil Wayne)
14. (00:05:01) T.I. - Slide Show (Ft. John Legend)
15. (00:04:10) T.I. - You Ain't Missin Nothing
16. (00:05:10) T.I. - Dead And Gone (Featuring Justin Timberlake)
password if needed:T.I.-Paper_Trail-2008-Tuu

new M.H

Real shit-M.H tha great feat. lil wayne

Monday, September 15, 2008


Keep an Eye out for TRAKDEALAZ
Always On There Shit!!

Jay Z Discography

American Gangster
Download link:
Kingdom Come
The Black Album
The Blueprint2 Download link:
The Blueprint Download link:
The Dynasty Download link:
Jay Z Life and Times of S. Carter Download link:
Vol 2 .. Hard Knock Life
Hard Knock Life Vol 1 Download link:
Reasonable Doubt
Download link:

Keepin u up on NEW

Snippet previously Released
Full CDQ
Shouts to Dj EMI on these RE-Up's

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Lil Wayne !!

Lil Wayne ft junior reid - Still Standing
Keri Hilson Feat. Lil' Wayne - Turn Off (Prod. By Polo Da Don)
Lil' Wayne - Turn Off(verse)
Lil Wayne - Let It Rock (Instrumental)
Lil' Wayne Feat. Nutt Da Kid - Front Door, Living Room Floor

SNL performance *New lil wayne tracks*

I got 2 new wayne tracks as of right now..look out for more Lil wayne feat. Nutt da kid-Front door,living room floor Keri Hilson Ft Lil Wayne - Turn Off

Saturday, September 13, 2008

M.H tha great

M.H-Its me
i got a video comin soon look out for this kid he's bout to blow up..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Got Money - Korn and Slipknot

I guess there feeling Lil Wayne.

A.DubTheEngineer Shut It Down Freestyle

Dont know much about him but hes sick....

Scareface weezy T.I

Forgot about me....this shit is sick..im feelin it.
Its scarfaces song of his upcoming album...

M.H Tha Great !!!!!UNSIGNED ARTIST!!!!!

AIIght here is an opprotunity for all unsigned artist who are trying to collab....i got my boy M.H tha great !!! on a banger....so if u think u nice u wanna download this track and hop on the second verse, or Djs you could hit me up with a blend ... send me the song on my E-mail Cashmula540@aol.com and the best verse will be posted with an article about you on iwayne...... And if u dont rap still download dis shit cause this kid spittin illlllllllll!!!!!!!!
and yes people this is a MP3

New Jadakiss and Jay-z

The Master

I Dont know whats going threw kanyes mind.
Here is the Mastered cdq

Swagger Like Us Promo Cd

This is a must have!!
Clean version
Dirty version

Full Vma Medley

Good quality . check this out .

Thursday, September 11, 2008

...(NEW)STROHUSTLE-something,something(PROD BY DJ.MYSTRO)

1.)SPACE MUSIC(pro.by Dj Mystro)2.)GOONS-(pro.by Xit)3.)NIGZ GONNA BE NIGZ(pro.by Dj Mystro)4.)SCAVENGER-(pro.by Mister ka)5.)WHAT I FEEL-(pro. by Open sound)6.)HA YES-(pro.by Dj Mystro)7.)LOSING CONTROL-(pro.by Open sound)8.)THE THRONE-(pro.by Xit)9.)MURDER SCENE-(pro.by Anno domini)10.)EVERYDAY LIFE-(pro.by Anno domini)11.)ITS TOO LATE-(pro by rapitfly beats)12.)STOMP-(pro.by Dj Mystro)13.)SHELTER-(pro. by rapitfly beats)14.)GENUINE FLUNKY(pro.by Clok work)15.)BANKROLL REMIX(pro.by 2 mindz)16.)BE YA SELF-(pro.by Synthesis)17.)FEEL ME-(pro.by Heavy weight beats)18.)CLOC O CENTRIC-(pro.by Clock work)19.)EVERY MEMORY OF U(pro.by 2 mindz)20.)ACTION-(pro.by Synthesis)21.)BUMBA CLOT-(pro by Flawless tracks)22.)CLOSE TO U(pro.by Track bangas)23.)EMPTY PT.2(pro.by Heavy weight beats)24.)HOSTEL TAKEOVER-(pro.by Dj Mystro)25.)KEY TO THE CITY(pro.by Dj mystro)26.)SPIT A FREESTYLE PT.1(pro.by Dj Mystro27.)CANT STOP ME(pro.by Dj Mystro)28.)ITS NUTHIN-(pro.by Dj Mystro)29.)WHO HOTTER THEN ME(pro.by Keep bangin em)30.)COLD ROCKIN IT-(pro..by Unknown producer)

CDQ is here - love lockdown

Well a lot of ya'll been wondering what's going on with love lockdown after it was performed at the MTV Vma's this past weekend. It appears once again that someone is playing with the work however there is some news on Kanye's upcoming album. The album will be titled 808's & Heartbreak and will be released on December 16th. To mine and many other's dissapointment, the entire album will be recorded in auto tune. The thought of a Jay-Z & Kanye album being released in the same month is nice though. Love Lockdown studio
Love lockdown better then studio
I’m in love with youWay I wanted toWhen I had to doHad to run from you I’m in love with youBut the vibe is wrongAnd that haunted meAll the way home So you never knowNever never knowNever know enoughTil it’s over loveTil we lose controlSystem overloadScreaming no no no no I’m in love with youWay I wanted toSee I wanna moveBut can’t escape from youSo I keep it lowKeep a secret codeSo everybody else don’t have to know So keep your love lockdownYour love lockdownSo keep your love lockdownYour love lockdownSo keep your love lockdownYour love lockdownYou keep your love lockdownYou lose I’m in love with youWay I wanted toI can’t keep my coolSo I keep it trueI got something to loseSo I gotta moveI can’t keep myselfAnd still keep you too So I keep in mindWhen I’m on my ownSomewhere far from homeIn the danger zoneHow many times did I take ‘fore it finally got through?You loseYou lose I ain’t loving youWay I wanted toSee I had to goSee I had to moveNo more wasting timeWe can’t wait for lifeWe’re just racing timeWhere’s the finish line? So keep your love lockdownYour love lockdownSo keep your love lockdownYour love lockdownSo keep your love lockdownYour love lockdownYou keep your love lockdownYou lose I’m not lovin’ youWay I wanted toI bet no one knewI got no one newNo I said I’m throughBut got love for youBut I ain’t loving youWhen I wanted to Gotta keep it goin’Keep the loving goneKeep it on a rollOnly God knowsIf I be with youBaby I’m confusedYou chooseYou choose I ain’t loving youWay I wanted toWhere I got to goI don’t need youI’ve been on this roadToo many times beforeI ain’t loving youWay I wanted to So keep your love lockdownYour love lockdownKeepin’ your love lockdownYour love lockdownKeepin’ your love lockdownYour love lockdownKeepin’ your love lockdownYou lose So keep your love lockdownYour love lockdownKeepin’ your love lockdownYour love lockdownIf you keep your love lockdownYour love lockdownKeepin’ your love lockdownYou lose

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Gloabl . Clean . Not Full

01. Standing On The Mountain Top 02:3602. Go Hard 4:34 03. Out Here Grindin’ 4:00 04. Go Ahead 4:0905. I’m On 4:27 06. Game 4:23 07. We Global 3:24 08. She’s Fine 3:23 09. Final Warning 4:18 10. Fuck The Other Side 3:45 11. Bullet 4:10 12. Blood Money 4:56 13. Defend DADE 4:37 Download PASSWORD= hiphopforfree.com

New Common (Fire)

This shit is Fire ! Common_ft._Pharrell_-_Universal_Mind_Control

Some New Young Money Music

Drake is doing it big ! Drake Ft. Rihanna - I'm Back (Snippet) Lil Wayne - Dreams

Few Wayne Blends

Shout out to M0R8 Blendz Lil Wayne Feat. Plies, Andre 3000 & Common - Cool Outrageous Lovers Download Here Lil Wayne, The Game, And Eminem - Hustler's Anthem Download Here The Game Feat Jay-Z - World Peace Download Here Lil Wayne - The Best Rapper Download Here Lil Wayne Ft. The Game - Put My Money Where My Mouth Is Download Here

Few more We Global tracks

DJ Khaled ft. The Game - Game (Clean) *Xtremely HOT* ====================================== ___________________________________ DJ Khaled ft. Rick Ross & Baby Cham - Bullet (Clean)HOT* *Very ====================================== ___________________________________ DJ Khaled ft. Fabolous, Flo-Rida, Fat Joe, Rick Ross & Lloyd - Go Ahead (Clean) *Very HOT*

Monday, September 8, 2008

All Summer Long

He ripped that shit!

Remember where u heard it!!!!!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

Bad quality but im sure the CDQ will be here soon. Download !!

new video

Misunderstood (VMA Performance)

The missunderstood Verse is a Drake verse .

Wayne did it for Drake.

Here's the Drake's version.

Money 2 Blow

Weezy Blog 4 (Vma)

All The Blogs incase you Missed them.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Full Cash Money Discography

Yes this is full . If im missing something important let me know . Im puttin in work . Comment and let me know what you think.

lil wayne Classic's

Dedication 1
1. (00:02:48) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 2. (00:00:59) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Intro 3. (00:01:12) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Motivation 4. (00:02:41) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Over Here 5. (00:00:55) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Wayne Convos 6. (00:02:43) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - U Gon Love Me 7. (00:02:46) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Down And Out 8. (00:01:34) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Wayne Explains His Deal 9. (00:01:19) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Like Dat 10. (00:04:07) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Nah This Aint The Remix 11. (00:02:44) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Bass Beat 12. (00:02:58) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Young Money Property 13. (00:01:12) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Much More 14. (00:00:58) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Wayne's World Skit 15. (00:02:52) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - I'm A Ridah 16. (00:01:44) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - D-Boyz 17. (00:03:40) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - So Smooth Ft Young Money 18. (00:01:38) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Wayne Ho Story Skit 19. (00:02:31) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Momma Taught Me 20. (00:02:22) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Weezie F Baby 21. (00:02:00) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Stilettos 22. (00:01:47) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - 1 King 23. (00:00:29) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication Convo 24. (00:03:27) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Please Say The Baby 25. (00:00:35) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Paid In Full Skit 26. (00:02:01) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Alchemist Shit 27. (00:01:01) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Weezie Explains Miss My Dogs 28. (00:01:14) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Miss My Dogs Live Ft BG 29. (00:00:40) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Outro RS/MU Dedication 2 1. (00:00:41) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Best In The Business 2. (00:03:20) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Get 'Em 3. (00:02:18) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - They Still Like Me 4. (00:01:16) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - I'm The Best Rapper Alive 5. (00:05:52) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Cannon (AMG remix) feat. DJ Drama, Lil' Wayne, Freeway, Wille The Kid, Detroit Red, & Juice 6. (00:03:12) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Workin Em 7. (00:02:49) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Sportscenter 8. (00:02:29) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Welcome To The Concrete Jungle feat. Juelz Santana 9. (00:03:15) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Spitter 10. (00:03:27) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - South Muzik 11. (00:02:44) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - This What I Call Her 12. (00:02:43) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 2 13. (00:00:42) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Weezy On Retirement 14. (00:03:51) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Poppin Them Bottles feat. Currency & Mac Maine 15. (00:01:40) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - What U Kno 16. (00:04:54) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Where The Cash At feat. Currency & Remy Ma 17. (00:04:10) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Ridin' With The AK feat. Currency & Mac Maine 18. (00:00:26) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Weezy On The Streets Of N.O. 19. (00:05:30) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Walk It Off 20. (00:04:00) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Hustlin 21. (00:03:46) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Gettin Some Head feat. Pharrell 22. (00:00:48) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - A Dedication After Disaster 23. (00:05:27) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - No Other feat. Juelz Santana 24. (00:00:53) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Outta Here 25. (00:07:27) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Georgia... Bush

Lil Weezyana Vol 1

1. Ballin

2. Off The Docks

3. David Banner

4. Lay My Organs Down

5. I’m The Man

6. Show Me What You Got

7. Day Dreamin

8. Leave Me

9. Let’s Go Hoe

10. Grew Up A Screw Up

11. Famous

12. I Like Dat

13. Money In The Bank

14. Nigga Wit Money

15. Myspace

16. Donks

17. Pimp C

18. He A “G”

19. Triggaman

20. Downtown

21. Secretary

22. Vans

23. Amen

24. Secret Weapon


Few Cory Gunz tracks

Just a few tracks to finish the day off .

Cory Gunz-Been Gone Too Long

Cory Gunz ft. Square Off - You So Tuff

Cory Gunz - Freestory

Cory Gunz - Invasion Radio Freestyle

Cory Gunz - hot summer freestyle

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Drake Feat Lil’ Wayne - Ransom

New Wayne Verse
Wayne & Drake .
Not Bad !

Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt

01 - Guilty As Charged (Feat. Estelle)
02 - Drnk Txt Rmeo
03 - Peace Sign/Index Down (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
04 - Like Father, Like Son (Papa’s Song)
05 - Blinded By the Sun
06 - Catch Me If You Can
07 - Cookie Jar
08 - Live a Little
09 - Don’t Tell Me It’s Over
10 - Live Forever (Fly With Me)
11 - Kissin’ Ears
12 - Home
13 - No Place to Run
14 - Coming Clean

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Michael Watts Feat. Jiz Nicklez, Three 6 Mafia & Lil Wayne - Hummin'

Birdman & Rick Ross

When i was at the Rick Ross concert on aug 23rd at the roanoke civic center he had mentioned He was releasing a album with birdman. The album will be called "H". Remember where u heard it first.

Birdman Feat. Rick Ross - Pop That Pussy

Rick Ross Feat. Birdman, Glasses Malone & T-Pain - Sun Come Up