Friday, August 29, 2008

Lil Wayne's Performance at The VMA's

The Detroit News has reported that Kid Rock plans to perform his single "All Summer Long" at next week's MTV Video Music Awards. While the former Jive Records rapper, who has performed with Esham, Eminem and Run-DMC, has gotten further away from his Hip Hop roots, this performance was revealed to feature Lil Wayne. "I don't know if I was supposed to tell or not, but I don't give a fuck," Rock said. "If I was supposed to keep it a secret, they should have not told me." MTV Awards have proven to be famous stages for unexpected collaborations and performances, including Guns N' Roses and Van Halen reunions, Nas courting Murder Inc. and Afeni Shakur and Violetta Wallace appearing together publicly for the first time. The awards air September 7 at 9pm.

Lil Wayne Feat. Nutt Da Kid - Fuck A Nigga Thoughts (

I cant wait for this tape to drop . its gunna be some FIRE !!! Lil Wayne Feat. Nutt Da Kid - Fuck A Nigga Thoughts

Thursday, August 28, 2008

T.I - Paper Trail .

1. 56 Bars(Intro)(Produced By ?) -
2. I'm Illy(Produced By Danja) -
3. Ready For Whatever(Produced By ?) -
4. On Top Of The World ft. B.o.B. and Ludacris(Produced By Kanye West) -
9. Porn Star(Produced By ?) -
12. Every Chance I Get(Produced By ?) -
14. Slide Show ft. John Legend(Produced By ?) -
15. You Aint Missing Nothing(Produced By DJ Toomp) -
16. Dead and Gone ft. Justin Timberlake(Produced By Timbaland) -
Also cut tracks.
Collect Call(Produced By DJ Toomp and T.I.) -
Let My Beat Pound(Produced By J.R. Rotem) -
Like I Do ft. The Dream((Produced By Jazze Pha) - Out In The Cold ft. Fall Out Boy(Produced By ?) -
Be Free(Produced By DJ Nasty) -
Hustla's Struggle ft. Trey Songz(Produced By Bryan-Micheal Cox) -
On My Job ft. Young Jeezy and Big Kuntry(Produced By Mannie Fresh) -
Limelight(Produced By The Runners) -
The Block Still Got Me(Produced By DJ Toomp) -
A Better Day(Produced By Scott Storch) -
Crazy ft. Ciara and Keyshia Cole(Produced By Polow Da Don) -

MORE Lil Wayne News

Everyone heard how Lil Wayne is what Michael Phelps is getting pumped up to win 8 Gold medals . Now there teaming up to do SNL.When your hot, your hot!!! Michael Phelps just got the plum gig that we all knew was coming hosting SNL. I can imagine the corny Olympic skits that will make fun of the new uniforms and who knows what else. Lil Wayne is the only artist that matters at the moment so the combo should be a ratings bonanza.Anyway here is the low down: LOS ANGELES (AP) - Butterfly, freestyle, relay—monologue? Michael Phelps is trading the pool for the “Saturday Night Live” stage.The recording-breaking swimmer, who took home eight gold medals at the Bejing Olympics, will host the 34th season premiere of NBC’s long-running late-night sketch-comedy series on Sept. 13. Joining the 23-year-old athlete as musical guest will be rapper Lil WayneIt will be the debut “SNL” appearances for both. The network will air seven new “SNL” episodes before November’s presidential election. The Sept. 13th premiere will mark the beginning of four new “SNL” shows in a row. NBC will also air three prime-time episodes of “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday,” a special half-hour “Weekend Update” edition of the show, beginning Oct. 9.

Lil Wayne News

Dental issues reportedly cause Lil' Wayne to miss his scheduled court date on Tuesday in Yuma County, Arizona, where he faces felony drug and weapons charges stemming from his January 22 arrest. The rapper's attorney, James Tilson, said his client missed the status hearing because he is recovering from several root-canal operations and was ordered by his dentist not to fly, the Yuma Sun reports. "As a result, the court waived his appearance for that hearing," Tilson said. "He still must appear at future hearings." Lil Wayne was arrested in January after his tour bus was stopped at a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint near Dateland, 78 miles east of Yuma. When the DEA searched the vehicle, they allegedly found nearly 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia. They also found a .40-caliber pistol registered to Wayne, who has a concealed weapons permit in Florida. Wayne (real name: Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) has pleaded not guilty to all charges, which include one count each of possession of a narcotic drug for sale, possession of dangerous drugs, misconduct involving weapons, possession of drug paraphernalia, transportation and or sale of a narcotic drug, and transportation or sale of a dangerous drug. Tilson told the Sun he is planning to send the case back to the grand jury that indicted Wayne. "The grand jury came up with some charges the county attorney's office did not ask for," Tilson said. Superior Court Judge Mark Wayne Reeves, who is presiding over the rapper's case, has scheduled his next court date for October 9. Source:MTV

Gym class heros Feat lil Wayne

I havnt noticed this on any other site's except tcc . just figured id throw it up there for all these wayne fanatics. big shouts to tcc.

Monday, August 25, 2008

M.H Exclusive

If anyone thinks the kid aint lyrical..... Try again!!!

New Wayne .

Off Paper Trail Droping September 30th . T.I. Feat. Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Lil Wayne - Swagger Like Us

Just a Few Post Since ive Been away .

Few new Jeezy . Young Jeezy - Don't You Know Young Jeezy - Amazin Young Jeezy - Word Play Young Jeezy Feat. Nas - My President Is Black Young Jeezy - Dont Do It The Game (Bonus CD ) 1. Big Dreams 2. Camera Phone (Ft. Ne-Yo) 3. Nice 4. Spanglish Download Everyone needs some Pain in there life. T-Pain - Tell Em

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Bonus -Tyga Feat. lil wayne -I Am Old But Fire.

Nikki Feat Lil Wayne - I Don't Be On That Full version of on Dat. The Game Feat Newz - Nice (Prod. By Irv Gotti) DJ Khaled - Go Hard (Feat. Kanye West & T-Pain) Prod. By The Runners

Due to the results .

Due to the results of the poll. alot of people seem to like it . For those that did vote. I will be addin updates on a few other artist not directly affiliating with cash money , young money. Most of the songs that will be posted will be other artist that do consistint features with Lil Wayne. Ill aslo be taking request . just let iWayne know . Keep it locked here at iWayne . P.S. Good looks on all the support from the other blogs on my affiliate list . also the fans of iWayne.

Niki Minaj

The baddest bitch in the game drops a few verses...Shawty is a 10

Gansta muzik

Fiend & Lil wayne- Gangstamusik IDK about this 1....

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Game - L.A.X ( Retail )

1. Intro (Feat DMX)
2. LAX Files
3. State of Emergency (Feat. Ice Cube)
4. Bulletproof Diaries (Feat. Raekwon)
5. My Life (Feat. Lil Wayne)
6. Money
7. Cali Sunshine (Feat. Bilal)
8. Ya Heard (Feat. Ludacris)
9. Hard Liquor (Interlude)
10. House Of Pain
11. Gentleman’s Affair (Feat. Ne-Yo)
12. Let Us Live (Feat. Chrisette Michelle)
13. Touchdown (Feat. Raheem DaVaughn)
14. Angel (Feat. Common)
15. Never Can Say Goodbye (Feat. Latoya Williams)
16. Dope Boys (Feat. Travis Barker)
17. Game’s Pain (Feat. Keyshia Cole)
18. Letter to the King (Feat. Nas)
19. Outro (Feat DMX)
Props to Rainman at Hear-it-First

Cory Gunz - No drama prod. by trakdealaz

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NEW wayne verse

Lil wayne-On dat

Cory Gunz and Cassidy

Body Bags Cory gunz is the next big thing if he aint already..... New track....Keep it locked

2 New Weezy.

Lil wayne Feat nikki - On Datt Hot Shit!! T.I. , The Game , Lil wayne - Do it ( Remix) blend

Dedication 3 Cover ! Real or Fake .? The hype's still there regardless!!

Decembr of 07 Drama said'"Hopefully we’ll be able to get back in and get a Dedication 3 going next's definitely still up in the air. But you know when we did Dedication 1 and Dedication 2 it was a different time and space...Lil' Wayne is on the cover of every mixtape out right now. He is basically the poster child of Hip Hop...if we do it we both know that it has to be something really special...because the Dedication was so potent, so powerful that we can’t just do it just for the sake of doing it. Like it’s got to be right. Why tarnish two classics that meant so much to hip hop?" . It's Coming !!

Weezy tats shirt

We just got word of this fresh tee featuring Weezy’s trademark tatoos; the shirt is based on the tupac version (also going by the name “Tatoo’d Up”) and I have to say, I’m digging this shirt. With The Carter 3 going Platinum first week, there’s no better time to rock a Lil’ Wayne shirt. Shit, even for the haters, this is a pretty dope shirt. Available now in three colors and sizes; click here for more information or to cop it.

L.A.X Tracklisting

01.Intro (Feat DMX) 02.LAX Files 03.State of Emergency (Feat. Ice Cube). 04.Bulletproof Diaries (Feat. Raekwon). 05.Money. 06.Cali Sunshine (Feat. Bilal).
07.My Life (Feat. Lil Wayne). 08.Hard Liquor (Interlude). 09.House Of Pain. 10.Gentleman's Affair (Feat. Ne-Yo). 11.Let Us Live (Feat. Chrisette Michelle). 12.Touchdown (Feat. Raheem DaVaughn). 13.Angel (Feat. Common). 14.Never Can Say Goodbye (Feat. Latoya Williams). 15.Dope Boys (Feat. Travis Barker). 16.Game's Pain (Feat. Keyshia Cole). 17.Ya Heard (Feat. Ludacris). 18.Letter to the King (Feat. Nas).
19.Outro (Feat DMX).
this is just the tracklist ill have the download availible shortly...but this is official so look for the tracklist

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Young Blaze Feat Lil’ Wayne & Oshy - King Of The Streets

new wayne verse

NEW jeezy-Vacation

Newest of the recession....Jeezy on his shit..... Young Jeezy-Vacation

(NEW) M.H Tha Great

The kid never dissapoints me....Shits dope

Pussy Monster (prouduced by david banner)

New and improved pussy monster. I kno everyone heard the freestyle wit someone beat boxin but this one is produced by David david david DAVID BANNER!!!!! Pussy monster-Download

Tyga - Slaughter House

Here it is the tape .
Tyga - Slaughter house
1. Welcome To The Slaughter House
2. Goon 2 A Goblin (Ft. Cambatta)
3. Incredible Freestyle
4. A Millie Freestyle (Part 1)
5. Foolish Freestyle
6. Get Silly Freestyle
7. O.B.A.M.A.
8. I’m Young Money
9. What You Got (Remix)
10. Tattoos
11. Famous
12. A Millie Freestyle (Part 2)
13. So Sincere
14. Black Bride (Ft Young L.O.)
15. Keep Ya Head Up
16. BONUS: Coconut Juice (Remix)(Ft. J.Rocwell & Travis McCoy)(Prod. J.Rocwell) Download HERE

One Chance - U Can't Feat. Usher & Lil Wayne

Exclusive !!

*Unsigned artist* M.H Tha Great

Im loving the feedback on this kid.So i had to put 2 more songs to give the streets they fix.....
already posted M.H-I might be Drugs Kill

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jay-z- Jockin Jay z

Here is some info about Jay-z upcoming project, The Blueprint 3, provided by Mick Boogie. A early December release date was provided but is not official..... -Kanye will indeed be producing most, if not all, of the album. Remember back in the day when an artist would do a whole album with one producer for cohesiveness? Think classic Snoop or Jeru with Primo… and fast forward it to 2008. Download

check out m0r8 blendz .

Check out my dudes tape . Its Crazy !! Download


New Hot Boys

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Young jeezy - Crazy World

The Recesions 2nd single . Young Jeezy - Crazy World

jae millz - so silly (amilli)

i know a million ppl did it but u gotta hear a true young money millionare do it .Give Respect Where Respects Due. Jae Millz - So Silly

lil wayne - be cool

hot new lil wayne . remember where u heard it first. lil wayne - be cool

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Young Money Fire Spitta

Cory Gunz . Rapid fire

So many guns Ima shoot one

Off the new grand theft audio 6 . big mike . Theres also a jae millz song floating around with weezy on it . ill be posting that asap!keep it locked with cash money young money i wayne !! So many guns

The Latest Of The Greatest

Stand up Cocanut juice (remix) official girl (Remix) Pimpin My life Where it at The american dream Lost On me Brand new Real Rap Old Lyrics New Beat . Ok Blend Gettin money

The New Spot

This will be the new official spot for new lil wayne music . updated ASAP.