Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We'll ive been looking for a change latley with the page and now we finally got it. A completley new site Check it out and keep it locked To all the iWayne fans . make sure u continue to check out what were doing on the other page if you liked iWayne and what we did here youll love what were goin to be doing on the other site. so be sure to let everyone know NEW BLOG Bookmark that shit

fly or die

Http://usershare.net/7zpvjgpc3gh9 New track the Mixtape drops soon ....and look out on hear it first they have a few tracks off dude I'm a cartoon ...posted with there old name red rebel jacket

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

FLYorDie Feat.M.H tha great

Since the release of their first mixtape, "Dude I'm a Cartoon," a little more than a month ago Red Rebel Jacket has been busy redefining themselves. Among the many changes to the group include the merging of Boston's production duo FLJ (Fly Like Jets) and Red Rebel Jacket. "The plan is we want to concentrate more on our sound and the music." Mike Fonseca, a vocalist and producer of the group says. "There's a lot of great new artist out. We want to give people something crazy and new to listen to. Its us setting ourselves apart from emerging artist."
Another big change to the group is their name. Red Rebel Jacket recently announced they have changed their name to FlyOrDie. "We all felt like Red Rebel Jacket didn't really speak to the music we make. FlyOrDie can relate to us, our music, and the people who listen to us much more." Mike says. The idea of a young bird being pushed out of the nest and into the world is something at some point that everyone can relate to. We're just doing what we love trying to stay airborne."
Then Came Summer

Friday, April 3, 2009

M.H tha great still droppin joints!!!!!!

Wats good people! Not even 24 hours after M.H dropped White Noise he hits me with this track. M.H goes in on Officer Ricky's Maybach Music. I tell ya, the kid only 17 but he got the heart, the talent and the ambition to be great. Just give this joint a spin! thanks agian to all of the supporters! Keep it locked! M.H Tha Great - Maybach Music Remix http://usershare.net/4ucp2zec8nxe.html

Dj MYSTRO Mixtape

This a mixtape off the TAKE THE BANK series..Shouts to DJ mystro
1.)MH THA GREAT-it aint funny (prod by DJ.MYSTRO) 2.)NOOZ.ft.MAX B-like my style 3.)MAX B.ft.MERGE-toast ya life 4.)JR WRITER-do my do 5.)LIL WAYNE-its been a week 6.)KID NOVICE-takin me out 7.Jadakiss.ft.Nas - What If 8.)RICK ROSS-freestyle 9.)LIL WAYNE-380 said 10..Method Man.ft.Redman,Ugk - City Lights 11..)J HUSTLE-free money 12..)TONE BONE.ft.MAX B-just wanna a hoe 13..)HAZE.ft.MAX B-hate on me 14..)FRENCH MONTANA.ft.JADAKISS-new york minute 15..Jadakiss - Pain & Torture 16..Jadakiss.ft.Jeezy - Something Else 17..)CAMRON-spend the night(ripped) 18..)PAPOOSE-tell u later 19..KID Cudi feat. M.H THA GREAT-ketchup remix 20..)FLO RIDA.ft.BRISCO-ha 21..)MAX B-competion 22..)LOX-get this paper(remix blend) 23.)YOUNG JOC.ft.LIL JON-in the air FULL DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE LINK HERE..... http://www.zshare.net/download/580477867dad2287

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

White noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Its finally here. M.H Tha Great has decided to drop his mixtape White Noise almost a full month before its original release date. He is releasing this early to begin work on a new project which is rumored to have production from the Trakdealaz, who right now are one of the best producer teams in rap. With that said enjoy WHITE NOISE and keep it locked for new exclusives and thank you for all of the help along the way!
  • M.H Tha Great - White Noise Mixtape